Research Autonomous vehicles

Recent years have seen significant growth in the demand for vehicles with self-guiding capability. This is mainly due to huge advances in robotics, information and signal processing, applied electronics, communications and remote mechanism management. The availability of increasingly cheaper, smaller and more powerful electronic components has made it possible to implement advanced algorithms, which have significantly improved the performance of autonomous vehicles. The aim of this research line is to design and develop guidance, navigation and path-planning algorithms based on receding horizon techniques (MPC, MHE), which have demonstrated by theoretical analyses and computational simulations, similar or superior performances to the state of the art in the subject of autonomous navigation and real-time operation for single and multiple vehicles.

Team members

Leonardo Giovanini
Guido Sanchez
Marina Murillo
Nahuel Deniz
J. Exequiel Benavídez
H. Hernandez
Luciano Martinez Rau
Juan Carrique


Hibachi – Plataforma robótica para ambientes interiores y exteriores compatible con ROS



Selected publications

Robust stability of moving horizon estimation for nonlinear systems with bounded disturbances using adaptive arrival cost (esta por salir)
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