Leonardo Giovanini

  • Vice Director, sinc(i)
  • Independent Researcher, CONICET
  • Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, FICH-UNL

Research Interests

  • Complex systems: modelling and analysis of interacting populations, control and estimation on networked systems
  • Signal processing: Bayesian techniques in state and parameter estimation, fault detection and isolation
  • Control: robust control of constrained systems, receding horizon techniques
  • Embedded systems


Courses in Computational Intelligence, Signals and Systems:


Latest Publicactions

Robust stability of moving horizon estimation for non-linear systems with bounded disturbances using adaptive arrival cost
  • Nestor N. Deniz
  • M. Murillo
  • G. Sanchez
  • L. Giovanini

IET Control Theory & Applications - 2020

An influenza epidemic model with dynamic social networks of agents with individual behaviour
  • L. López
  • M. Fernández
  • A. Gómez
  • L. Giovanini

Ecological Complexity - 2020

An online method for estimating grazing and rumination bouts using acoustic signals in grazing cattle
  • J. O. Chelotti
  • S. R. Vanrell
  • L. Rau
  • J. Galli
  • A. M. Planisich
  • S.A Utsumi
  • D. H. Milone
  • L. Giovanini
  • H. L. Rufiner

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture - 2020

Acoustic Real-time Sensor for Ingestive Behaviour of Grazing Cattle
  • L. Rau
  • Nestor N. Deniz
  • J. O. Chelotti
  • L. Giovanini
  • P. Kler

IX Congreso de Microelectrónica Aplicada (UEA2018) - 2018

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Personal Contact

  • Phone: +54 (342) 4575233/34, ext. 192
  • Office number: 2
  • E-mail: lgiovanini@sinc.unl.edu.ar