Research Computer vision

Computer vision is an area of artificial intelligence and computer science that deals with training computers to “see” the world as people do. Through image acquisition, processing and analysis, the systems would have the ability to carry out different tasks related to human vision such as object detection, tracking and recognition from images and videos, extraction of useful information from high-dimensional data, and others related to visual understanding of the physical word.
The main objective is the design and development of methods for image and video processing, analysis and recognition with applications to areas such as biometrics, precision agriculture, aerial images, medical rehabilitation, among others.

Team members

César Martinez
E. Marcelo Albornoz
Enzo Ferrante
Rodrigo Echeveste
Agostina Larrazabal
Cristian Yones
Federico Ariel
Nicolas Gaggion
Franco Matzkin
Lucas Mansilla
Leandro Bugnon

Web demos

CarioPyNet: This tool takes the set of isolated chromosome images from a cell.


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