Rodrigo Echeveste

  • Assistant Researcher, CONICET

Research Interests

  • Computational neuroscience
  • Machine learning
  • Complex systems



  • Inés Samengo

Latest Publicactions

Bridging physiological and perceptual views of autism by means of sampling-based Bayesian inference
  • R. Echeveste
  • E. Ferrante
  • D. H. Milone
  • I. Samengo

Network Neuroscience - jan 2022

Domain Generalization via Gradient Surgery
  • L. Mansilla
  • R. Echeveste
  • D. H. Milone
  • E. Ferrante

Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) - 2021

Cortical-like dynamics in recurrent circuits optimized for sampling-based probabilistic inference
  • R. Echeveste
  • L. Aitchison
  • G. Hennequin
  • M. Lengyel

Nature Neuroscience - 2020

Energetic substrate availability regulates synchronous activity in an excitatory neural network
  • D. S. Tourigny
  • M. K. A. Karim
  • R. Echeveste
  • M. R. N. Kotter
  • J. S. O Neill

PloS one - 2019

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