Web demos miRNAfe full


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miRNAfe full is an advanced tool to extract features from RNA sequences, providing almost all state-of-the-art feature extraction methods used today in several works from different authors. The user only needs to load a file containing the sequences to analyze and a config file to specify the features to extract. As a result, the user obtains a comma-separated-value file with the extracted features. The features provided by the tool include information about primary sequence, secondary structure, thermodynamic stability of the folding and the conservation between genomes of different species.

To test the web-demo, sample files can be downloaded right-clicking the links “Download sample data file” and choosing “Save link as”. The first one is a fasta file containing 10 sequences. The configuration file is a text file in yaml format with all the configuration parameters. The downloaded files can be used as input files to the web-demo. Also, the yaml sample file can be used as template to create new configuration files. The features associated to reads count are optional. A zipped fastq file must be provided for this type of features.


Contact: Cristian Yones