H. Leonardo Rufiner

  • Principal Researcher, CONICET
  • Full Professor, Department of Informatics, FICH-UNL
  • Full Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos

Research Interests

  • Artificial intelligence. Automatic speech analysis and recognition
  • Digital signal processing. Wavelet analysis
  • Mathematical modeling of biological systems
  • Biomedical equipment


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Latest Publicactions

Podado pre-entrenamiento de máquinas de aprendizaje extremo
  • N. Nieto
  • G. Bracalenti
  • I. E. Gareis
  • H. L. Rufiner

Anales del Simposio Argentino de Inteligencia Artificial (ASAI 2018 / 47 JAIIO) - 2018

Measuring complexity of biomedical signals (Editorial)
  • G. Schlotthauer
  • A. Humeau-Heurtier
  • J. Escudero
  • H. L. Rufiner

Complexity - 2018

Complexity-based discrepancy measures applied to detection of apnea-hypopnea events
  • R.E. Rolon
  • I. E. Gareis
  • L. Di Persia
  • R. Spies
  • H. L. Rufiner

Complexity - 2018

Hybrid speech enhancement with wiener filters and deep LSTM Denoising Autoencoders
  • M. Coto-Jimenez
  • J. Goddard
  • L. Di Persia
  • H. L. Rufiner

2018 IEEE International Work Conference on Bioinspired Intelligence (IWOBI) - 2018

A comparison of feature extraction strategies using Wavelet dictionaries and feature selection methods for single trial P300-based BCI
  • R. C. Acevedo
  • Y. Atum
  • I. E. Gareis
  • J. Biurrun
  • V. Medina Bañuelos
  • H. L. Rufiner

Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing - 2018

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