José Chelotti

  • Doctoral Scholarship, CONICET

Research Interests

  • Signal processing
  • Embedded systems
  • Machine learning


Latest Publicactions

Embedded system for real-time monitoring of foraging behavior of grazing cattle using acoustic signals
  • Nestor N. Deniz
  • J. O. Chelotti
  • J. Galli
  • A. M. Planisich
  • M. Larripa
  • H. L. Rufiner
  • L. Giovanini

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture - 2017

(Patent) Proceso para detectar celo en un animal rumiante y dispositivo
  • L. Giovanini
  • H. L. Rufiner
  • D. H. Milone
  • J. Galli
  • J. O. Chelotti
  • S. R. Vanrell

UNL, CONICET, UNR - dec 2016

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