Nieto, N.'s publications with sinc(i)

Publications in 2021
N. Nieto, V. Peterson, H. L. Rufiner, J. Kamienkoski, R. Spies
bioRxiv - 2021

V. Peterson, N. Nieto, D. Wyser, R. Gassert, O. Lambercy, D. H. Milone, R. Spies
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering - 2021
Publications in 2020
A. Larrazabal, N. Nieto, V. Peterson, D. H. Milone, E. Ferrante
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - 2020
Publications in 2018
N. Nieto, G. Bracalenti, I. E. Gareis, H. L. Rufiner
Anales del Simposio Argentino de Inteligencia Artificial (ASAI 2018 / 47 JAIIO) - 2018