Web demos ELM-GRNNminer


Source code: (1) | Datasets: {IRMA} {E. coli} {S .cerevisiae} | Related publications: [1]

ELM-GRNNminer is a computational method for GRNs reconstruction with Extreme Learning Machines. It is capable of inferring the GRN underlying the data using only gene expression time series.

This web-demo allows to use the ELM-GRNNminer with small GRNs. In order to obtain the GRN from a dataset, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Gene Expression data file: a comma separated file with gene expression time series in columns and the name of each gene in the first row (you can obtain a sample dataset by clicking the link Download sample data file);
  2. Upload the data to the web-demo by clicking Upload button;
  3. Run the webdemo by clicking Submit button.

The output will be shown at the Discovered GRN panel; this is a graph of the discovered GRN. The nodes of the graph can be arranged manually.


Warning: Java plugin required!                                                                                                                Contact: Mariano Rubiolo