H. Leonardo Rufiner

  • Director, sinc(i)
  • Principal Researcher, CONICET
  • Full Professor, Department of Informatics, FICH-UNL
  • Full Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos

Research Interests

  • Artificial intelligence. Automatic speech analysis and recognition
  • Digital signal processing. Wavelet analysis
  • Mathematical modeling of biological systems
  • Biomedical equipment


Latest Publicactions

Prediction of the Impact of the End of year Festivities on the Local Epidemiology of COVID-19 Using Agent-Based Simulation with Hidden Markov Models
  • C. Engler
  • Carlos M. Pais
  • S. Saavedra
  • E. Juarez
  • H. L. Rufiner

Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2022 - 2022

Thinking out loud, an open-access EEG-based BCI dataset for inner speech recognition
  • N. Nieto
  • V. Peterson
  • H. L. Rufiner
  • J. Kamienkoski
  • R. Spies

Scientific Data, Springer Nature - 2022

A robust computational approach for jaw movement detection and classification in grazing cattle using acoustic signals
  • L. Rau
  • J. O. Chelotti
  • S. R. Vanrell
  • J. Galli
  • S.A Utsumi
  • A. M. Planisich
  • H. L. Rufiner
  • L. Giovanini

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Elsevier - 2022

New Approaches to ECG Reconstruction for Preserving Diagnostic Information
  • R. Gonzalez Tejeda
  • Carlos M. Pais
  • H. L. Rufiner

3rd International Conference on Advances in Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence - 2021

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