Technologies Bidimensional distributions in MNR

Two different method of reconstruction of 2D distributions from MNR were developed, one is a standard in the industry and the other is a new method developed in our institute. The method allow to produce T1-T2, T2-T2 and D-T2 bidimensional distributions sampled in logarithmic scale at arbitrary spacings. The available methods are very efficient and can handle good resolution sampling a thousand times faster than other methods based on kronecker product. The key here is that the problem is not transformed to a nonnegative least squares problem with a matrix-vector formulation, but instead is solved in the original kernel matrix dimensions, and the resulting problem is solved by a new methodology using a specially developed matrix factorization method. The library was produced at request by Spinlock SRL, an enterprise devoted to industrial NMR solutions, by contract “Research and development of algorithms for the estimation of distributions of relaxation times of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”, 2013

Contact: Diego Milone, Leandro Di Persia