Technologies Intelligent heart signals processing

A complete library for ECG signal conditioning, processing and classification has been developed. This includes basic signal processing (filtering, baseline removal, noise level estimation), event detection (beat detection by several algorithms, beat classification based on temporal characteristics, beat grouping by similarity with templates), ventricular fibrillation detection, paced beats detection, atrial fibrillation detection, heart rate variability analysis and heart rhythm classification. The routines have been incorporated by Eccosur into its HT103 holter system. Also a library of routines for estimation of blood pressure was developed, for the MAPA MP260 device. These transferences were done through three contracts:

  • “Research and development of pattern recognition and digital signal processing for ECG signals”, 2005 ,
  • “Research and development of algorithms for the estimation of diastolic and systolic pressure in a device for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring”, 2009.
  • “Research and development of algorithms for atrial fibrillation detection in electrocardiography”, 2014.

Contact: Diego Milone, Leandro Di Persia