Georgina Stegmayer

  • Independent Researcher, CONICET
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics, FICH-UNL
  • Leader of the Bioinformatics Research Group: computer science and machine learning people who essentially make algorithms for the integration, fusion and analysis of biological data. We develop novel data mining algorithms and computing tools, as well as intelligent algorithms, for biological data fusion and integration, and for new knowledge discovery.

Research lines in bioinformatics:

  • Gene function prediction – inference of GO annotations to genes
  • Gene regulatory network reconstruction
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Pre-miRNA prediction algorithms from genome-wide data
  • Data fusion and integration of biological sources

Research Interests

  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Data mining
  • Clustering


Courses in Engineering Informatics:

Latest Publicactions

Metabolic pathways synthesis based on ant colony optimization
  • M. Gerard
  • G. Stegmayer
  • D. H. Milone

Scientific Reports - 2018

Clustermatch: discovering hidden relations in highly diverse kinds of qualitative and quantitative data without standardization
  • M. Pividori
  • A. Cernadas
  • L. A. Haro
  • F. Carrari
  • G. Stegmayer
  • D. H. Milone

Bioinformatics - 2018

Predicting novel microRNA: a comprehensive comparison of machine learning approaches
  • G. Stegmayer
  • L. Di Persia
  • M. Rubiolo
  • M. Gerard
  • M. Pividori
  • C. Yones
  • L. A. Bugnon
  • T. Rodriguez
  • J. Raad
  • D. H. Milone

Briefings in Bioinformatics - 2018

Inferring unknown biological function byintegration of GO annotations and geneexpression data.
  • G. Leale
  • A Bayá
  • D. H. Milone
  • P. Granitto
  • G. Stegmayer

IEEE/ACM Trans. on Comp. Biology and Bioinformatics - 2018

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